An International Conference on Chinese Classics and Thought

June 28-29, 2010

Welcoming Remarks: Dean Douglass Greenberg, School of Arts and Sciences.
Place: Rutgers Continuing Studies Conference Center, Douglass Campus, 178 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ
Sponsors: Rutgers University, National Taiwan University.
Co-Sponsor: Jilin University.This conference brings together more than 20 scholars from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and North America who specialize in the study of Chinese philosophical and literary writings from antiquity to the modern era. Topics addressed by conference participants range from re-interpretations of early Chinese philosophy and new interpretations of core philosophical concepts to reflections on the hermeneutic process and the continuous appeal of classical writings in the modern period. Scholars approach the overall theme of the conference from a variety of vantage points and disciplines including intellectual history, philosophy, history, literary studies, and cultural studies. For more information, please click on flyer.