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The Confucius Institute of Rutgers University hosts the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test, or the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) to meet the needs of students and the public. The HSK tests students' ability to apply Chinese language in their studies, personal life and work. The HSK is used to help measure learners' Chinese proficiency level and is used for school applications and career opportunities in China.

HSK is a standardized international Chinese language proficiency test for non-native Chinese speakers, with 6 different levels depending on the learners' level of Chinese proficiency. All HSK certificates are issued by the National Commission of Chinese Proficiency Test, which is under the Ministry of Education in China.

Please note that the Confucius Institute of Rutgers University (CIRU) offers only the internet based test. This means that the test is taken on a computer, at the test center. All tests are held at our office building in Room 101 at 24 College Avenue, New Brunswick. Please refer to the HSK FAQ for test times and durations.

We have four testing dates in 2018.

If you have problems with registration, please see our pdf step by step instructions .

*Test prep sessions are available upon request. 


HSK Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HSK?

The HSK is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers of Chinese. The HSK tests students' ability to apply Chinese language in their studies, personal life and work.

How do I know which level to take?

How long is the HSK test?

Depending on the level you are taking, the length of the test varies.

What are the HSK test times?

Why is registration for one test date closed for select HSK Levels?

Our test center is small and can only accommodate up to a certain number of test takers at one time. Once you have selected a test date, please be sure to register as soon as possible to save your spot.

What are the HSK test scores used for?

The HSK test allows you to assess your Chinese language competency independently of any particular curriculum or textbook; Test scores are used by different organizations and groups of people. The exam offers:

What are the HSK registration fees?

Fees and registration for the HSK are NON-REFUNDABLE. If an applicant cancels his/her registration 48 hours or more in advance of the test date, the registration and fees may be applied to a test date in the same calendar year, if available. Any registrations canceled after the 48-hour deadline will not be rescheduled and all fees will be forfeit.

How do I select CIRU as my testing center?

Log into the HSK test service website (www.chinesetest.cn), view information of the testing centers on the "Global Testing Centers" page and choose the Confucius Institute of Rutgers University (CIRU) as your test center before you register and pay test fee.

How do I get a Test Admit Card?

Log into the HSK test service website (www.chinesetest.cn), print out the Test Admit Card on the 'Personal Center' page (will be available 7-10 days before the test).

What are some test reference materials I can use?

Log into the HSK test service website (www.chinesetest.cn) - download the test syllabus on collection of previous test from "Resource Center."

What will I do at the test prep session?

You will be able to take a mock test to see what the actual test will be like.

What if I want to change the test date after I have already registered?

Before the registration deadline, you can change the test date, without paying any fees; but if you want to change it during the period after the registration deadline, an extra fee will be charged at 30% of the test fee. You can only change the test date to other dates in the same year. The registration deadline is ten days before the test.

How do I change incorrect personal information after receiving the report of test score?

Log into the HSK test service website (www.chinesetest.cn) - apply for additional HSK test score report on the "Personal Center" page - edit the items - upload a copy of your relevant identification (passport or identity card) - pay for the modification fee.

What do I need to bring on the test date?

Please bring the following items:

When will I get the test results?

Test results for HSK Levels 1-3 will be available immediately after the test and an electronic certificate will be presented to you. Test results for HSK Levels 4-6 will be mailed to our test center forty-five days after the test date. Upon reception of the test scores, it will be sent to you.

The test answers will be uploaded to the Confucius Institute Headquarters website and can be accessed thirty days after the exam.

What about other questions not addressed on here?

For any other questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.