About Confucius Institute of Rutgers University (CIRU)

CIRU aims to broaden Chinese language instruction, promote Chinese culture, spur the development of Chinese Studies, and advance a wide range of cultural exchanges of the U.S. and China.

Academic Lectures, Conferences and Workshops

CIRU organizes lectures, conferences, and training workshops every year to bring professors and leading specialists to discuss a range of topics pertaining to China.

Learn Chinese!

We run a variety of Chinese classes, workshops and lectures about language, culture, history and other topics  - both at Rutgers and for the community.

Study in China

CIRU runs summer camp programs in China for high school students, college students and school administrators, giving an opportunity to immerse in Chinese language and culture.

K-12 Activities

CIRU runs a variety of activities and programs geared towards K-12 as well as support for Chinese language teachers in schools across New Jersey.

Chinese Cultural Performances

CIRU sponsors yearly performances showcasing various Chinese performing arts such as wushu, Chinese ethnic dances, Chinese Kun Opera among many others.

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