What's New at CIRU

Chinese Culture and Arts Day
Friday, September 26th

 10AM-12PM & 2PM-4PM: The Cove
       Chinese Arts and Crafts Workshop
       Artist demonstration and interactive workshop on dough figurines, paper cutting, Chinese knots, Calligraphy,
       Chinese Chess and Paper folding.
 12PM-1PM: Fireside Lounge
       Complimentary Chinese Lunch
 1PM-4PM: Busch Multipurpose Room
       Showcase of Chinese Performing Arts
       Professional artists of differing backgrounds join together to showcase Chinese and American performing arts. Also
       with special performances by Confucius Classroom students.

Saturday, September 27th: The Splendor of Chinese Kunqu Opera
由于北方昆曲剧院因签证问题无法如约赴美演出,罗格斯大学孔子学院特此通知:原定于9月27日在罗格斯大学尼古拉斯音乐厅的专场演出延期至2015年初,详情另行通知。给广大观众带来诸多不便,在此深表歉意。9月26日罗格斯大学"孔子学院日"全日活动将如期在罗格斯大学Busch Student Center举行,详情请查阅罗格斯大学孔子学院网站http://www.ciru.rutgers.edu。

We regret to inform you that the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre has had to postpone their performing dates in North America due to visa issues. The performance by the Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre originally scheduled on September 27th at Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers University, is postponed until early next year. We apologize for all the inconvenience. The full-day activities scheduled on Friday, September 26, at Busch Student Center, on Rutgers University Confucius Institute Day remain unchanged. Please check back for more details.